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The Alix application is available on the App Store and Google Play!

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Setting up your profile is the first step to take after downloading the application.

You complete your profile with your personal data (last name, first name, gender, date of birth, weight, height), your accessories and your sensors.

The data entrusted to Alix belongs to you and our team takes care to secure it.


Alix offers you a wide range of sensors recommended by health professionals.

The sensors allow Alix to monitor your state of health, complete your energy profile and adapt the intensity of your session.

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Energy profile

The energy profile is unique to each user. It is based on four key dimensions: endurance, balance, power and resistance.

Your energy profile is automatically completed with your cardiac and respiratory data reported by sensor.

When you first use the application you can perform a stress test. Alix will thus evaluate your capacity for physical activity.

You can repeat the test at any time and thusmonitor your progress.

The energy profile comes from the research of our scientific partner, Véronique Billat, teacher-researcherin the field of exercise biology and sports training.

Health objective

By subscribing to Alix you access objectives related to your state of health

Alix.Fit to improve your well-being and general health.

Alix.Poids to find or regain your ideal weight.

Alix.Sommeil to improve your sleep.

Alix.Respiration to reduce your respiratory problems.

Alix.TMS to prevent and reduce your chronic pain.

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Personalized program

Alix offers you a personalized physical activity program based on your energy profile and your personal & biometric data.

At the start of the session, you indicate your training accessories and connect your sensor.

Alix can thus generate your session of the day,thanks to its artificial intelligence.


You follow your progress in your history. You will find all your statistics and biometric data, your energy profile and your progress.

Your profile and activity schedule are automatically updated.

You can also shareyour resultswith your loved ones and the medical professionals who support you.

Stay motivated and find your routine!

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