What is the challenge and why do we need you?

The challenge is that we are 30,000 regular Alix users!

Why 30,000?

Because at this volume of users, the Alix AI becomes perfectly autonomous. We have 30 weeks to reach 30,000 users with varied profiles and train Alix, the artificial intelligence on multiple scenarios.

It is an innovative project in full co-creation and community mode. We need you to create a French innovation.

Why is this interesting for you?

Because at the end of the challenge, you will be able to have a completely personalized service to support you on a daily basis in your desire to take care of YOU and your HEALTH.

  • Subscribe to Alix

    On our Alixforme website, choose your Objective and your Sensor then proceed to payment. You will receive all the information by email!

  • Download Alix

    Download the Alix Application and log in with your account (created on Alixforme) to start your personalized program!

  • Contact Beo Healthcare

    Contact us via the form below: “I would like to participate in the challenge” to benefit from great advantages. Join us on Instagram to follow the progress of the challenge and share yours using the hashtag #alix30000 !

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